Dinosaur Capital Partners acquires and develops real estate and advises clients ... the old-fashioned way.  Like the oft-maligned dinosaur, real estate is frequently misunderstood. We believe superior risk-adjusted returns can be achieved in all parts of the real estate cycle through careful asset selection and appropriate financial structuring. We work collegially in select communities where we can make a positive contribution to the built environment.

Careful asset selection means we’re picky about the properties and locations we choose and the people we do business with.  We look for the best in both and put a premium on integrity and transparency. Appropriate financial structuring means we’re not momentum players but long-term investors always focused on preservation of capital and long-term wealth creation.  Historically and fundamentally, we believe, real estate is a get-rich-slow business, ill-suited to chasing the latest fad.


Real estate investing, with old-fashioned values.